The Tender process


FTS manage the process from start to finish and we will:

- Create the School’s unique shopping baskets by products sales value/volume.

- Ensure bespoke tender documents and all shopping baskets are completed.

- Issue tender documentation to all suppliers, inviting three or four suppliers per category to bid.

- Ensure all Suppliers have been inspected and passed the FTS Quality Assurance Audit.

- Once the deadline has expired and upon receipt of all tender documents, FTS will evaluate against the agreed award criteria as stipulated within the tender document.

- Visit the Customer’s premises to present the tender findings and discuss the merits of each tender application.

- Following approval, we will contact all successful and unsuccessful suppliers of the tendering outcome.

FTS will organise a Contract Mobilisation meeting at the school with all successful suppliers to ensure a seamless start of the new contract.


What do we monitor?


FTS will ensure that the following is carried out under the terms of the contract:

- Each month, FTS will monitor your contracted prices to ensure that invoice prices and totals are correct, which ensures you will be protected from price increases once the initial tender process has been completed.

- FTS will ensure that as part of the Contract Monitoring Service, the products supplied under the contract continue to deliver value for money.

- FTS will ensure that the quality of the products supplied by the approved suppliers meets the set specifications as detailed in the tender document.

- FTS will engage with the approved suppliers throughout the duration of your agreement and will recommend any new products to the market place which are deemed suitable to enhance the existing offering at the varying outlets at school.

The monitoring element of the food tendering exercise is not optional as this will ensure that suppliers adhere to their tender prices, specifications and service delivery terms therefore protecting the high reputation of the service provided by FTS.