Food Tender Services is a company created specifically to help the Education Sector save money without affecting quality. We specialise in the tendering of food and associated catering goods used within the UK’s Education Sector, with a particular focus on school food supplies and fixing prices and quality specifications. With the potential of continuing tough economic times ahead, every school is looking at ways that it can either reduce costs or improve value without affecting quality.


Our philosophy is simple...

Let us do all the specialist hard work for you whilst you simply enjoy the benefits of the savings that we generate on your behalf.

Key benefits of using FTS.


✓ You can clearly show best practice due diligence.

✓ You will save considerable amounts of money on your food and catering sundry supplies.

✓ We do all the groundwork and organise the entire process from beginning to end.

✓ We provide you with easy to digest tender summary reports, detailing our findings and recommendations.

✓ We monitor prices, product quality, service delivery and liaise with suppliers throughout the term of our agreement.

✓ With on-going support, we can re-negotiate your prices after the first twelve month period after the fixed prices have expired. We analyse the performance to ensure value for money is continuing to be delivered.

✓ We set tough supplier contractual terms that ensure you receive the best possible prices, quality and service throughout the duration of the agreement.

✓ As a minimum, we look to fix the tender prices for a twelve month period.

✓ Through on-going monitoring we protect your purchasing against fraud.


Our clients